elkAce Outfitters offers guided elk hunts for archery and rifle hunters. We operate out of the same camp each year, limiting the number of hunters we take each week. Ace Outfitters takes archery hunters for three weeks in September, and rifle hunters for three weeks in October. The rifle hunts are a combination hunt for elk and deer. Archery and rifle elk hunts are 5 1/2 hunting days. We only take four hunters per week. Elk and deer tags are guaranteed over-the-counter in our area.

Ace Outfitters is the exclusive outfitter to hunt over 500 square miles of permitted USFS land. Our camp sits at 6,300 feet, and the approximate elevation we are hunting from is about 4000 to 7500. We hunt everything from dark timber to old burns, and open hillsides. This country is beautiful; however, it can make some serious demands on your body. We strongly encourage you to physically prepare for your hunt with us. This will increase your chances of killing that trophy bull, and will also make your hunt more enjoyable. You want to arrive in reasonably good condition, and trust us, it will pay off.

We hunt from wall tents, outfitted with cots and foam mattresses for your comfort. With the use of propane lanterns and wood heat, we believe you will feel right at home. Each morning, you can expect to have a delicious breakfast, and be on the trail before daylight. You will have a sack lunch, and should expect to be out in the mountains all day in search of your trophy. Our guides take their jobs very seriously, and want to give you the best opportunity possible. Our guides believe in hunting at a pace that is comfortable to you. They will hunt as hard as you are willing and able to hunt. We keep gentle horses in camp to assist us in packing out your game, and occasionally use them to hunt from. We do most of our hunting from camp on foot.


During archery season, you will be hunting during the peak of the rut. The sounds of those bugling bulls will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing straight up. This time of the year is addicting…chasing after those bulls gets in your blood and will keep you coming back for more. You will be hunting timber, old burns, and occasionally near wallows. You should expect to see lots of fresh sign, indicating the presence of the bulls. Average shots are between 20 and 30 yards. With the right weather conditions, archery elk hunting is one of the most exciting hunts you will ever experience. Ace Outfitters guides will use their bugling and cow-calling techniques to locate the bulls, and try to convince them to move in a little closer for a good-night kiss.

Ace Outfitters guides want you to show up and prove to them that you have practiced extensively with your bow. We want you to be able to place your arrows well at 40 yards. Please review Idaho’s Equipment Restrictions that we have provided to help you with questions on your archery equipment. We have also provided a suggested gear list to help prepare you for your hunt. Quietness is an important factor when archery elk hunting, so do not bring any noisy clothing. Shoot under all conditions and angles, both standing up and from your knees. We have many shots missed because of leaning around trees and brush to shoot. Be sure to shoot with all hunting clothes on. Make sure no articles of clothing are in the way, or the bow is being held different because of heavy clothes and thick sleeves.


Rifle season always proves to be exciting. The elk herds are residential and do not migrate in or out of the area. Spot and stalk is the primary way to hunt elk during rifle season. On average, 90% of our hunters have opportunity, and 60% actually make their kill. We recommend you bring a rifle that you are comfortable with. We prefer any caliber above a .30-06, sighted in at 200 yards. Average shots range anywhere from 150-400 yards. Please call with any questions regarding cartridges, we would be happy to advise you.

The average bulls we harvest score between 250-320 inches. The majority of these bulls are 5x5 or 6x6; however, our area carries some really neat genetics. We have harvested bulls that have had more than 6 points to a side, and we have picked up sheds to bulls with 7, 8, and 9 points to a side. The elk drop their antlers in the spring, and our guides head into the mountains to find them. We are able to keep track of many bulls this way. Some of the bulls have consistently dropped their antlers in the same places each year. It is really neat to see a young bull grow into a mature bull. See our photo gallery. We do not believe in charging you trophy fees.

The deer and the elk use the same terrain, so we are able to hunt both at the same time, with no need to go to another area. We recommend purchasing a deer tag; you won’t want to be caught without it! In our area, 90% of the deer taken are mule deer. They are usually 4x4 or 5x5, and average about 20-24 inches wide. Most of these deer have beautiful black antlers, often times with a few kickers and some trash by the eyegaurds. While it is not typical to kill a 30 inch buck every year, there certainly are a few bucks of that caliber that live in the drainages we hunt. Our area provides great cover for these monsters to thrive….again, the condition of your legs will often increase your chances of going where these bucks like to hide.

If you are wondering which week is the best to hunt, I will ask you to flip a coin. We have killed bulls early in the season, late in the season, and every week in between. Your success depends more on the weather, your physical condition, and straight shooting. The only thought I would like to add on mule deer hunting is that the last week tends to be a little better. Historically, we usually have a little more snow to help push the bigger bucks down lower. However, mule deer season closes October 31st, only allowing the last week of hunters to pursue mule deer for the first three days of their hunt. The last week of the elk/deer hunt ends on November 3rd.

Our weather can change very quickly. Try and prepare for most situations, and temperatures from 65 degrees F to 10 degrees F. We suggest dressing in layers (light to medium weight) so that you can maintain a constant body temperature. Shed layers if you heat up and add layers if you get cold. Please review our suggested gear list.


September 11-16
September 18-23
September 25-30

October 15-20
October 22-27
October 29-November 3

(5 ½ Day Hunt)
Archery: Elk/Bear Combo $3950
Rifle: Elk/Deer/Bear Combo $4450

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